What Should I Do When I Found Garage Door Spring is Broken?

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What Should I Do When I Found Garage Door Spring is Broken?

Garage Door Spring

The Garage Door Spring is a crucial part of a garage door that is used to open and close the door. There are mainly two types of garage door springs – extension and torsion springs; both involve wire coils that are essential to lifting up and lowering down a door. They can be easily damaged or broken, making a door difficult to open and putting a car inside a garage at risk (door drops at any time). If you found that a garage door spring are broken or weak; you need to replace the springs with a new one. Follow the below steps to replace them. Don’t forget to get your vehicles out of a garage while replacing.

Repairing Your Garage Door Spring The 3 Step Processes

Step 1: Check the length of the springs

The very first step you need to take is measure the length of old & new springs so, there will no issue of the size. Wrong size springs may cause several problems and it may ruin your much time by going to market and again purchase the springs of the right size. The type is also important as size. If your door works with the extension springs and you purchase torsion springs. It is completely meaningless.

Step 2: Buy New Springs. (New Springs and old springs are of the same type)

After measuring the size, the next step is buying new springs to replace the old one. Generally, both the springs are installed to the garage door at the same time. It means if one spring is broken then there is a huge chance that second will break soon too. No one would like to wait until the second one breaks because it will be ended with a huge repairing or replacing cost. So, it is better to replace the both springs even only one is broken. You can buy springs from the local market or place an order online; both options are good.

Step 3: Taking off the old one and Putting the new one:

  • Take off the old springs. This is dangerous; you make sure that the fitting bar is placed properly in a winding cone and use the standard wrench.
  • Then after unwind the coil at a slow pace and keep the tight grip on a wrench.
  • Once the spring is loose sufficiently; remote it completely.
  • Now, it’s turn to put a new one. Slide a new spring onto a shaft; a larger hole in a cone travels at the steady end of a shaft.
  • If a wire starts to spin after some turns mean the springs are placed in a wrong manner. Remove it and place again.

  • Replacing the springs takes your hard work and is also quite dangerous. So, it is better to take help from the Garage Door Spring Repair Experts. We are serving the best possible garage door repair services to potential clients. Contact us anytime; we are able to help you in solving the garage door problems.

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