How Can I Avoid Sudden Fall of a Garage Door? Safety Checks are here

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Do you know that the weight of a garage door is approx 500 pounds? What happens if it will fall suddenly on you or on your car? It’s a disaster for you and you can’t even imagine about it. Worn parts, cracking and misalignment only gets worse in the rough conditions of a winter season. When temperature dips; various emergency door repair jobs happen. To avoid the repairing expenses in the harsh weather of a winter season, ensure that garage door is in a good condition before the winter starts. Here below are the safety checklists that will help to prevent a garage door falling suddenly.

Test the Balance of a Garage Door:

Close the garage door then disconnect it from the opener by pulling up the red release cord attached to an opener. Now, just lift up the garage door manually at your waist height and keep it stable.

Why you test the balance of a door?

A door should stay at your waist height when you release the door. If it goes down without any extra force; it means you need to adjust it before it creates a worse issue for you. And if the garage door goes up means springs are too much tight. In both these scenarios; repairing is necessary to avoid big damage to you. Once the door is readjusted, the problem will be solved and your door will be out of danger.

Please do not adjust a door by yourself. It is a better to hire a professional to adjust it and balance right away. When it comes to repair or replaces the garage door spring; don’t even imagine that you can fix it by yourself. It might be dangerous and even cause life threatening damage to you.

Don’t forget to inspect the garage door parts

Regular maintenance and inspection should be in your routine if you own a garage. Visual inspection includes:

·         Make sure that the rollers are not worn out or rusty.

·         Tracks are not bent or rusting.

·         Inspect the cables for fraying, rust or areas that seem worn out.

·         Check out the seals around the door and you should not see any light beam coming through the four sides. (Top, bottom, left, right).

·         Check the springs that there should not any crack on it and inspect the hinges of a door for cracks and rust.

·       These above checklists will help you to avoid sudden fall on a garage door and you can save yourself from frustration and further damages. Still having any problem with your garage door? Contact us (307) 274-8026 today to resolve it according to your time convenience.

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