Want to Replace Your Garage Door panels? 3 Easy Steps are Here:

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Want to Replace Your Garage Door panels? 3 Easy Steps are Here:

Replace Your Garage Door panels

How To Replace Or Repair A Garage Door Panels

Learn about Garage Door Panels Replacement. Garage doors come in a wide range of sizes and shapes that you can’t even imagine. The most common and easiest way to build garage doors is a modular approach. These involve several panels set atop one by one as opposed to one sizable piece. The creative design makes the door easier for repair as well as a replacement. Yes, replacing panels of a door is easy if you have enough garage door tools and basic knowledge of how to repair and replace.

Yes, you can easily replace the garage door panels with the given following 3 tips and we believe in it. All you need to gather required tools, keep ready the door & then change the panels simple. Let’s start it.

Assemble Your Necessary Tools:

First of all, you all have to gather the weapons (here tools) to get the task done efficiently. To begin, we need to lift up the door & hold it there. While a few people prefer the vice grips for the task, any grip can do it. Then, you will need the power puller and it will be a great tool to separate the panels from each other.

Keep Ready your Door:

Now, you have all your required tools. Just raise this garage door about the 6 inches above the floor & then use grips to keep the door at the elevation. Now, it’s a turn to use a power puller to discrete the door from a broken panel down. After, we have some space in between the good panel & the broken panel too. Then after, you need to use a tool to remove nuts & bolt from the garage door.

Replacing the Panels:

After you have done the whole door prepping, it is time to replace the panel. Fortunately, this is the easiest task. Just lift the broken panel & put a new panel in that place. Simple, isn’t it? Repeat these 3 steps again until and unless all the broken panels are replaced.

These above 3 steps are very easy and you can easily do it. But if you can’t; you need to call the professionals to replace it as soon as possible. Even if you have any issue with your garage door; you can contact us anytime to make it repair at your convenient time. We offer garage door services of all types so, call us (307) 274-8026 today for a free consultation.

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