Prior Warning Signals That Garage Door Should be Repaired

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Prior Warning Signals That Garage Door Should be Repaired

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We use garage door daily, but we rarely spend a time to inspect and examine door’s performance and condition. We only take it seriously when this big moving object stops working properly or something goes wrong with it. Same like other mechanical devices, garage doors need maintenance and regular inspection too. Here we have listed some warning signals that show you that your door needs to be repaired.

Garage door does not lift up and down.

It’s simply that if a door decline to open or close using remote controls, obviously it requires to be repaired. There are several reasons for this incident, such as a worse connection between a door and a control panel or malfunction. To test your door again, you should ensure that not a single object is blocking it from closing.

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Slow response time may be the first warning signal.

You have to invigilate how long a garage door takes a time to respond to your orders. Generally, it must start to open/close within one or two seconds after you pressed the button on a remote of an opener. It must be opened or closed easily without any delay or hitching. If you see any delay in an operation, it might be a warning signal for your door opener. It is a wise advice to have a door examined by the garage door.

A door makes a loud noise at the time of opening or closing the door.

When a garage door becomes too old; it starts making a loud noise when operated. However, if a straining and creaking are too much excessive, there might be a big problem with your roller, tracks or springs, or opener motor or an opener itself. The first thing you should do is to call the professional when you hear noise from a door and couldn’t find the actual source from where the noise is incoming.

Increasing energy bills means your garage door is too old to be replaced.

If you want to reduce your energy bills and improve your home energy efficiency, you must consider replacing your old door with a new one. The new models are specially made to be more and more energy efficient. By upgrading your garage door, it will help to save a good amount of money on your home electricity bills in a long run.

Is your garage door has any of the above warning signals? Want to save you from a big loss? Contact us (307) 274-8026 today & get your door repaired completely.

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