What to Do With the Frozen Garage Door? 5 Steps to Follow

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August 16, 2017
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What to Do With the Frozen Garage Door? 5 Steps to Follow

Frozen Garage Door

Safety Tips for Fixing a Frozen Garage Door

Is your garage door frozen close again? In a cold season, the garage door can be freeze to the ground floor and it’s unable for an opener to lift up the garage door and that creates stress on homeowner’s mind. If you went through this situation before then you have all ideas about how stressful this is! We are bringing a remedy that will help you to get rid of such situation without getting a help of garage door experts. Have a look at below:

Step 1: Disconnect the Frozen Garage Door from an Opener

Generally, garage door opener is chosen to weight load of a door not the extra stuff like ice and snow. So, it is necessary to disengage the opener and that’s our first step. Pull the handle (red in color) straight down and your door is disengaged. Isn’t it easy? We aren’t discussing the technical explanation how it is possible. Now let’s move to next step.

Step 2: Remove the Ice and snow stuck around the door

Next step is to get rid of that annoying ice & snow which is the most harassed situation for a homeowner. If there is a huge amount of snow or ice outside the frozen garage door floor; a shovel is a good option to start with it. After that, take a hair dryer (easily available at home) or a heat gun to liquidize the snow or ice. Many people do it by spreading the hot water in that area to melt them successfully. But in this situation, the water will freeze again (because the temperature is in minus degree) & again create the slippery situation that is a big disadvantage. So, be prepared for it.

Step 3: Life up the Garage Door

Once ice released its hold; next step is to lift up the garage door with your hand. If the garage door is too heavy for you to lift up; you should take help from another person.

Step 4: Re-engage the garage door with automatic opener

Once you can open and close the door manually means it’s a time to re-engage the automatic garage door opener. Remember, a handle that you have pulled down to disengage the door. Yes, once again you need to pull that release handle but this towards the opener side to re-engage it.

Step 5: Clean the excess moisture

Only last step is remaining, just clean the excess moisture and ice from outside the door.

These 5 steps are easy and even a homeowner can do it easily by using just a hair dryer. Now when next time; you see ice which prevents your door to open; follow these 5 steps. But still, your door cannot be opened; call (307) 274-8026 our team. We will fix it problem ASAP.

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