I Want to Make My Garage Door Energy Efficient. Why and How Can I Do It?

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I Want to Make My Garage Door Energy Efficient. Why and How Can I Do It?

Garage Door Energy Efficient

A garage door is an overlooked place in a home when it’s a matter of making home energy efficient. But do you know that garage door is a big loophole in a home that affects your energy efficiency programs and electricity bills? How? Generally, a garage is used as an extra room for storage, car parking or playing area for children. And so, it is directly connected to your home. Now just imagine, you have made your home energy efficient but forget the garage door. The temperature you want to maintain in your home will go down or up according to outside weather and to maintain the temperature either you have to ON AC or a heater. You will get an energy usage bill that you never expect.

So, it is necessary to make garage door energy efficient and here we have listed some good ways for it. Have a look:

Insulation: The primary step towards energy efficient garage door.

Generally, a garage has shared walls with home. A lack of insulation in a garage (especially in window or door) allows cold & hot air circulate forth and back to home through garage walls which are shared with the home. So, it is a hard task for a homeowner to maintain the temperature inside the home and you need to set your thermostat again and again. The shared wall isn’t a big problem; it can be overcome by insulating the garage door as it plays a big role to let air circulate in a home. A professional can help you to find the right insulation way in order to make your home more energy efficient.

Don’t forget Weather Stripping

Most of the homeowners forget to seal the door from below. Have you ever noticed the gap between the below surface of your garage door and floor area when it is closed? If not then notice it. Most probably; you may find your answer. A negligible gap can affect your energy efficient project. Yes, you are reading right. To overcome this situation; you need to use weather stripping which can fill out the gap and prevent cold & hot air circulate in a garage. If there is a door which connects the garage and home then you should use the weather stripping technique to seal that door too.

These both ways are crucial when it comes to energy efficient project for your home. It cost you some amount of money at that time but save a good amount of money later too. If you want to make your garage door more energy efficient then contact us (307) 274-8026 as soon as possible.

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