Heat Loss through the Garage Door. How Can I find it?

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Heat Loss through the Garage Door. How Can I find it?

Heat Loss through the Garage Door

The amount of heat loss is directly proportional to the energy cost needed to keep the house warm in the cold weather. Many of us have got the answer that why they get energy bill too much. The leakage of heat increases the utility bills and the reasons are poor insulation and sealing of a garage door and other parts of a home. If you have a garage and it is attached to your house then it can be the main reason for heat loss. You should test your home and garage for heat loss.

Inspect the Insulation Garage Doors:

If the walls and windows of a garage don’t have gashes or massive cracks; still there may be server flaws that are responsible for the heat loss during the winter season. Now, the main question is that how can I find the flaws which can’t be seen by my bare eyes? Yes, your question is genuine. The answer is your garage walls or windows are not insulated properly or there are some problems with your insulation. If you touch garage wall and it is cooler than other walls or any part of a garage means the garage doesn’t retain heat and so, insulation may be absent or faulty. In this case, you have only thing to do is to re-insulate the garage door or insulate it if you haven’t performed before.

It doesn’t mean that you have insulated the wall and windows of a garage; your task is over and heat will stay in the home for a long time. The main flaw in a garage is its door. Yes, you are reading right. If your garage door is not insulated properly; you will be changed too much in a cold season in terms of utility bills and no one would like it. So, make your garage door insulated and save some money on energy bills.

Weather-Stripping Installation:

garage door Weatherstripping

Whether you have insulated your whole home and garage, still the air can escape from the garage if the weather-stripping isn’t working fine. Many times, homeowners forget this and bear the utility bills whole season while the cost of weather-stripping is lesser than the extra amount which is paid by you. So, if there is no weather seal attached on the ground edge of a door then do install it as soon as possible and if it is already there then check out whether it is fine or not.

If you are looking for a garage door company which can insulate the garage door properly and help in reducing utility bills in cold weather then we are ready to help you. Just call us today; we will fix your problem related to a garage door.

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