How Can I Identify that My Garage Door Spring is Damaged or Broken?

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How Can I Identify that My Garage Door Spring is Damaged or Broken?

Garage Door Spring is Damaged or Broken

As we all know that garage door spring is the most important part of a door that allows the garage door to life up and held there for a long time. It means springs should be considered seriously if you want to keep your garage door functioning smoothly. A spring can bear the weight of around 400 pounds. Yes, you are reading right. Now just imagine that what happens if a spring breaks. Definitely, it will damage your property and you if you are near the garage door.

Let’s Have a Look at the Importance of Springs:

The springs are those who make it easy for a door to be lifted by pressing a button of door opener or manually. Interesting, right? There are mainly two types of springs one is torsion and second is extension spring. Both have their own benefits and functional behavior. But their purpose is same. Both are dangerous if they break. So, in this situation, I would like to say that prevention is better than cure. Here are some good ways to find out the problem in a garage door spring and so, you can easily fix the problem before it becomes worse and damage you badly.

Inspect the Garage Door Springs On Your Own:

The very first thing you need to check out the way garage door opens. If a spring is damaged; the door will refuse to open. This indicates issues with door opener and springs. So, you should inspect it deeply to see is there any crack in spring or opener is damaged. A professional can give you a better diagnosis report and fix the problem.

Inspect the garage door spring from inside the garage when it is closed. Check for the cracks and the shape of spring. If you found any suspicious thing; you should fix it as soon as possible. Also look for the other parts of a door; there might be a possibility that other damaged parts put more stress on a spring.

Open the garage door manually; if you can easily lift up the door means the springs are working fine. I said manually. But if you feel difficulty or a door resists to be opened and not remain opened; it’s time to call the professional to inspect and repair the garage door issues.

Do you experience the same problem? Is your spring damaged? Contact us today; our team will replace the broken garage door springs and fix other problems as well.

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