Garage Door Maintenance Tips. You Should Know About

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips. You Should Know About

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair

5 Important Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The garage door is highly important to the safety, access and convenience of your home. Due to everyday wear and tear, garage door may become damaged and require repairs or replacement. Sometimes, these repairs and replacement charge you much more that you can’t afford. But, you can prevent such big damages with just a few awareness points regarding garage door. You should follow these.

Test the Garage Door Balance:

  • Close the door, disconnect the garage door opener by pulling the red cord (release handle).
  • Now, open the door halfway and leave it as it is. It stays at the same place where you leave it. Your door is balanced. If not then you should call the professionals to fix the unbalanced garage door.
  • Re-engage the garage door opener to the carriage.

Check the Hardware:

  • Check all garage door hinges, and lubricate them properly. Make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Do not touch the nuts and bolts near the torsion springs. It may damage you badly.
  • Clear the tracks using brake cleaner or carburetor. It is an advised that do not use the lubricate on tracks; it could make a track slippery and make your garage door unbalanced.

Photo Eye Sensor Test:

  • Photo-eye sensors are small devices attached on both sides of the garage door 6 inches above the garage door. They prevent the garage door from closing if an object comes in a door pathway.
  • Make sure both sensors are working well and aligned properly; red light on sensors indicates that they are aligned properly.
  • Close the door; put something in between the sensors; a door should reverse its direction. If not, call the technicians to fix it.

Garage Door Opener Batteries & Light Bulbs:

  • Ensure that the backup battery on the garage door opener is functioning well. Now, unplug the opener & try to open a door using your remote or wall button. If it works; battery is working well. And if not, you will need to replace the battery.
  • Replace the batteries of a remote and also check the manual to fix it right. Replace light bulbs if necessary.

Clean the Garage Door:

Yes, you should clean the garage door at least once in a month if you are living in the salt-air climate. It may prevent you from big damages.

These above points should be followed by you to increase the lifespan of a garage door and you can save a good amount of money which actually will be spent on repairing and replacement. If you are looking for a garage door maintenance company to maintain your garage door; we are the right choice for you. Contact us anytime; our team will come with a good maintenance plan for you.

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