Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Tips. Rescue You in Critical Situations

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Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Tips. Rescue You in Critical Situations

Troubleshooting Tips for the Garage Door Opener

With a single press of a button of remote or keypad; you can open or close the door. This is all because of the garage door opener. Isn’t it easy for a homeowner? Yes, it’s easy when it is functioning well but when it stops functioning; it becomes a headache for the homeowner. FYI, the garage door opener is the combination of several mechanical & electronic components which are bound to give problems, sometimes.

The garage door opener consists of transmitters, remote controls, optic sensors, motor, battery, switch, etc. If any of these components stops working; then you might face the bad day. But we have some good troubleshooting tips that will rescue in the critical situation. Read on.

Garage Door Will Not Open:

What if your garage door does not open ever after pushing the button mounted on the wall? (Please forget the remote here.) How to troubleshoot it? First of all, check out that motor is running and an opener is powered. Also, check that no debris on the tracks; it might be possible that it might be blocking the garage door. If all these things seem correct and still, the problems persist; the professional need is required.

The Garage Door Opener is Beeping Frequently:

Every garage door opener has a battery backup which will help you in case of power failure.  The beeping sound coming from battery describes the issue happening with your garage door opener. The beeps and its meaning; let’s have a look:

Beeping on every 2 seconds & LED on battery displays steady orange: It means the whole opener is using the battery power to open and close the door. Don’t forget to test an outlet.

Beeping on every 30 seconds and LED displays a flickering orange: Means the battery is low and See if an outlet will deliver the power to the unit while it is plugged into the different device. If yes, then your battery is outdated and need to replace it ASAP.

Beeping on every 30 seconds and LED displays red: Means your battery is dead and you should replace it as soon as possible.

Garage Door can’t be opened easily & also squeaking while opening and closing:

The probable causes are “dust clogged in tracks” or “poor lubrication”. The solution is simple like a piece of cake: remove the dust and clean the tracks. Ensure that garage door tracks are properly lubricated.

So, these are the common problems; homeowners face often. It might be possible that you will have got any of the problems; you will get rid of such problems easily. If you couldn’t fix DIY; you should take help from Garage Door Opener Professionals.

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