Curious to Know: How an Automatic Garage Door Opener Works Smoothly

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Curious to Know: How an Automatic Garage Door Opener Works Smoothly

Automatic Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are widely popular nowadays as it allows a homeowner to open the garage door by pressing a button on the remote. You will be surprised after knowing that automatic garage door openers have been working for last 20 years and it’s abnormal to see a house without the automatic garage door opener in the USA states. If you have installed an automatic garage door opener in your home and have you ever tried to find out how it operates smoothly? Actually, we do not think much about the automatic door openers but don’t bother; we have the perfect explanation for the same.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Operation:

It’s a simple process that a homeowner clicks the button on a remote control and the door either lifts up or down. But what’s the logic behind that? To know, read on.

When you press the button on a remote control, a signal is transmitted to the garage door opener receiver to switch on the motor attached to the door opener to open or close the door. Mostly, a motor is a ½ horsepower and is enough to operate the garage door system of torsion springs and pulleys are responsible to open & close the door smoothly.

When a door is in a closed position, it cannot be lifted up unless you send a signal from your remote to switch on the motor and start a pulley system working. But today; some modern openers have the manual system which is used to open or close the door in case of power outage. In short, the manual system overrides the motor and initiates the pulley system to start functioning.

A simple yet effective logic can make your life easier and the automatic garage door opener is a perfect example for that.

Now, you have an idea of how an automatic garage door opener works. Let’s move on

How to maintain the automatic door opener?

As we all know that a door can be opened or closed only when pulleys, motor and springs system all function together. If a problem arises in any of these components; your door won’t be opened or closed. So, ensure that all your three components work properly. How can you do that?

The very first step is to service your opener on a regular basis to be sure that all things are in a proper condition. To perform this task; you need a garage door company who can maintain your garage door system including an opener too.

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