How to Know When It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

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May 29, 2018
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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

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A garage door is mostly taken by the granted by homeowners and there is no doubt on it. They don’t take it seriously until it stops working. We all expect that a press of a button on a remote and door will open and close quietly and quickly. Yes, it can work like that for years but it needs maintenance and replacement of damaged or broken parts. If these don’t perform on a regular basis, your garage door will be faulty. The only solution is either repair garage door or replacement?

Here below, we have listed the signs when you may need a repair garage door to keep your garage door in functioning mode again.

The Door Won’t Open & Close without any prior Warning:

Door Won’t Open & Close without any prior Warning

The most common issue; you have ever heard from the homeowners “My door stops working without warning” It’s not a big reason to worry. Many times, door stops working due to some nominal reason and that can be resolved with the simple fix and bring back your door into a fully functioning mode. The common problems are photo eye sensor obstruction; door opener battery is drained, physical obstruction on tracer and some more.

Garage Door Movement is Uneven; You Have Never Seen Before.

Have you ever notice the movement of a garage door while opening and closing? Sometimes it becomes uneven like one side of a door moves faster than another side. When you notice this uneven movement; the spring system or track might be the reason. A professional can easily identify the issue and resolve the problem to get the door in a normal operation.

Now, let’s move to the signs that you should Replace the Garage Door.

The Garage Door is Solemnly Damaged.

Generally, a regular garage door’s life is 10-15 years and after that replacing the garage door is better than repairing it again and again. The garage door stands last long against the weather, collisions and vandalism but after few years, a door is not in a situation to work longer for you. The entire door is damaged or most of the parts are broken. In such situation; replacement is an ideal option.

Lack of Safety Features:

Nowadays, all the garage doors are equipped with the safety features to keep kids and pet safe. The sensors detect when something is in a way & will stop closing and reverse its direction. Do your garage door has the same feature? No, you should replace the garage door ASAP. Another option is to upgrade your old door with the photo-eye sensors features. But replacement of a door is a better option among these two.

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